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    Pre Defined Screener  
    Search for stocks based on intelligent pre-selected criteria. Its now simple to make precise investment decisions.
    Income Estimator  
    Estimate your future income on your current holdings using our income estimator
    Equity WatchList  
    Create a customized view for the list of your favourite stocks which you would like to track on a regular basis. Get all the information you want on these stocks from a single screen.
    Technical Charting  
    Analyse stocks on technical parameters. Power your trade with strong analysis represented in an easy to understand manner.
    Stock Comparator  
    Reduce your effort of searching and analyzing pages for each stock within a peer group or industry. Compare stocks on various parameters in a single screen.
    Alert Engine  
    Set intelligent alert based on specific events/ goals. Translate latest information into lucrative investment opportunities without going through the hassle of active online tracking.
    Alert Engine  
    Axis Direct presents a revolutionary new concept 'Trade Passport' for the first time in India. Simply detach the order entry panel from the website and trade. Enjoy the flexibility to enter orders from anywhere on the web while maintaining a secure connection to your account.