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Risk Profiler

Dear Investor,

A disciplined investment strategy is critical for achieving the desired financial goal(s). At Axis Securities Limited, we encourage you to take a 360 degree view of your needs, risk appetite and your understanding of various investment products, before and during the investment process.

Understanding your Investment Profile is one of the most critical aspects of the financial planning and investment process.

Your Investment Profile is a function of your Investment Objective(s), your Risk Assessment and your understanding of various financial products (Suitability). The Risk Profile is derived from your Risk Tolerance (amount of risk you are willing to take) and your Risk Ability (amount of risk you can take)

We understand that every individual is different, and so are the requirements. Hence, we provide you a choice of two Profilers to help assess your profile. Please select the one that you think is more relevant for you.

Basic Risk Profiler :
A simpler version with only six basic questions for you to respond. This questionnaire will only help you do a quick Risk Assessment. This will be used to suggest an asset allocation plan which can be used to construct and manage your portfolio.

Advanced Investment Profiler:
A simple, but elaborate questionnaire that helps detail your investment objective(s), determines your Risk Tolerance and Risk Ability and then goes on to establish your Investment Profile. It provides you with the suggested asset allocation plan and also lists down some of the product categories that may be relevant for you.

If you disagree with the suggested risk profile arrived at based on either of the above (as selected by you), you have the choice to over-ride the same. You will then need to tell us the risk profile that you, based on your self-assessment, would like to opt for your portfolio with us.

Select any one of the options of your choice to proceed.

Basic Risk Profiler Advanced Risk Profiler